Products Knowledge

How to choose buzzers?

There are a great variety of electronic acoustic parts on the market, one of which is the buzzer.
How to enquire the manufacturers about the buzzers wanted?
As a matter of fact, you only need to know about the following three specifications:

1. Frequency (KHz):
What is the frequency used?
For example: 4.0KHz or 2.0KHz and so on.

2. Voltage (Vp-p or Vdc):
Does it have sources or not? And how much is the voltage?

3. Size (mm):
What is the size of it?
For example: Width 14mm or 12mm, height 7.6mm or 9.5mm.

It is suggested that the users should explain to the manufacturers to enable them to acknowledge and acquire the samples of the buzzers and to set the prices quickly if the users also know the following specifications:

1. Which will be used, the piezo electric buzzer or the magnetic buzzer?
2. If the magnetic buzzer is used, is it “a whole with no sources” or “a partition with no sources”, or “a whole with sources” or “a partition with sources”?
This confirmation is concerned with the pricing.
3. Space between pins (mm) : What is the space used between the pins?
For instances: 6.5mm, 7.6mm or 10mm and so on.
4. Sound pressure (dB) : What is the sound pressure used?
For example: 80dB, 90dB or 95dB and so on.
5. Electrical current (mA) : What is the electrical current used?
For example: 0.7mA or 25mA and so on.

If the users have utterly no idea about what a buzzer is and do not know how to enquire, it is suggested that the manufacturers could fax the specification they have or the specification they are currently using to the enquiring clients. This is also a very good way. It not only saves the enquiring time but also helps to get the samples and prices quickly.